Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Creative Ideas to Perk Up Your Wedding

Traditions are fine until they get boring. Weddings can be generic and predictable. But why would you want your wedding to be ‘typical’ when it can be extravagant altogether – from the theme to wedding catering – ? ‘Extravagant’ doesn’t mean pricey in this context, but rather and exceptional and inimitable that makes your guests rave about your wedding days after it occurred.

Here are some fascinating, almost-quirky ideas to make your wedding the next talk of the town. And hey, some of the ideas are really eco-friendly! Of course, you don’t want your carbon footprints to add up, right?

1) Have your guests write their wishes and remarks on plates or tablecloths and used them during special occasions in the future like your first anniversary instead of the usual guest book.

2) Pick a particularly special start time of the wedding ceremony like 4:37 which is the exact time you said yes to his proposal.

3) Have your bridesmaids carry a special bouquet made from their most favorite native flowers and then combine all their favorite flowers into your own bouquet.

4) Mass transport your guests from the church to the reception such as through a hot air balloon ride or horse-drawn carriage, if logistically possible.

5) Create a custom ‘Welcome Bag’ stuffed with a guest’s favorites from mini bottles of bubbly or gift certificates to a local spa or shop.

6) Ask your florist to set up a DIY station with all the needed supplies like blooms, ribbons and pins and have your guests create their own corsage and boutonniere. Local blooms only.

7) Arrange a room for the kids complete with snacks, drinks, pillows, blankets, toys, etc., and of course a babysitter or two.

8) Set up a bubbly bar full of in-season fruit purees, citrus twists and even flavored ice cubes where your guests can customize their champagne before the toast.

9) Set up a video booth instead of a photo booth where the guests can record their messages and wishes to both of you.

10)  Revolutionize the reception with creative up-lighting such as falling snow or leaves, geometric patterns or pictures of you together to transform the plain walls into something worth-staring at.

11) Create a wedding website, regularly update the site including details of the planning and integrate some social media widgets on it so visitors can share, like or tweet the updates. What a great way to save papers and trees!

12) Organize a pre-wedding camp or field day for the entourage so they’d get acquainted with one another before the big day.

13)  Put a line that read ‘Wanna Dance? What Song?’ on the RSVP card and let them pick up to three songs.

14) Have your grandmothers as your flower girls or you may even have your grandfathers escort them.

15) Imitate your love story on the aisle runner where every guest can have a glimpse on how you two started dating.

16) Decorate the comfort rooms with your childhood photos and remember the wackier, the better.

17) Have your guests dive face-first on a foot-long ice cream parade in various flavors or banana split.

18) Have the guests leave a message for both of you and let them put it into your anniversary piñata.

19) Create countdown signs and post them on your official Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page daily. Again, cut down on paper usage!

20) Style the aisle runner with photos, texts, flowers or any objects that reflect both of your personalities instead of plain white or red carpet. DIY is great.

21) Imprint table numbers on jars or boxes containing your favorite snacks that can hold the guests until the arrival of the main course.

22) Provide the guests with markers and stamps and ask them to encircle a word in the dictionary that best describes you as newlyweds.

23) Give reception tables their own nicknames such as places you’ve visited together when you became a couple.

24) Order a wedding cake in multiple tiers with different flavors on each tier and have your guests take a piece of their preferred tier. Alternatively, have a fruit-bowl-like wedding cake!

25) Held a trivia quiz about the two of you and present the persons that give the right answers with a unique gift like a gardening kit.

26) Create a wedding video that spans from the preparation to the reception and beyond.

Some weddings can get pretty boring and predictable, but not yours. You can pick any of these enthralling wedding ideas. Whichever you choose though, remember that a wedding is all about creativity and individuality – two ingredients that make any wedding truly standout. 

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  1. Truly amazing and creative ways. The best part is that they don’t seem to be much expensive and still one can plan and execute things to perfection. I am going to do couple of them on my wedding reception, though I don’t know when I will marry.


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