Wednesday, March 14, 2018

4 Simple Home Proposal Ideas that Won't Add Carbon Footprint

Almost all activities on Earth that involve machines contributes to carbon production. Dining, communicating, shopping, and travel are some of our daily activities that are major sources of carbon footprint.

It's empowering to know you are saving the planet once in a while. Considering the effects of your choice is one way to minimize carbon footprint. That's why think about an important milestone in your life like a wedding proposal. Make it as impactful to the planet as it is to your loved ones by going for home proposal ideas that won't add carbon footprint.

Below are four ideas to improve your proposal.

1. Bring Out the Dessert

Ask your loved one to a backyard picnic. If you have a rest house in the countryside, pick a spot with a view of the sunset. Get on one knee during the golden moment to have a picture-perfect moment.

You can also pop the question after eating the delicious meal you brought. Place the ring on top of the pie, pudding, cake or with it. You can ask your partner to get it out of the container. If it's IN the dessert, take the initiative to get a slice and give to him or her.

Maximize the picnic set by extending the event until the night. Leisurely walk in the area or watch the stars in the sky. The gem on the ring will seem like a star in your hand once the warm glow of candles and backdoor lights shines over it.

2. Follow the Flowers

There's nothing more romantic, elegant, and eco-friendly than walking to a path lined with fresh flowers. The type of flowers depends on the part of the home you want to propose. If the way leads indoors, consider potted plants and petals to spell it out or enclose the ring box.

You can also go the high route by growing the flowers in your garden or nursery and replanting them once you are ready to ask the question. That way, you hit two birds with a stone. You have a decorated outdoors and partner who'll walk down the aisle.

3. Blindfold Suprise

It takes some trusting before someone agrees you guide them to a path. It doesn't matter if it's just walking in the house. Living without vision is terrifying. That's why placing a blindfold over a loved one is challenging. They might fight back or curse at you for taking them on an ambush.

Go on a trust walk by pulling down the blindfolds in your home and going on different routes to get to your destination. Make sure it's a secluded spot they'll be happy to stay. A backyard camping in a house and lot for sale Cavite is one exciting way to finish the outdoor proposal idea.

4. Take Some Notes

You are taught to write correctly since your youth. The next DIY marriage proposal is easy to execute but requires a few elements. If your home is near the beach or has a beach house available for rent or visit - think Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind - you can draw on the sand. Once done, bring your loved one over to what you created while you get down on your knee. Ask someone to capture the moment so you can recall on the silly yet one-in-a-lifetime moment.

If you want to propose during winter time, you can gather some snow and pack them until they form the letters. Use red coloring or food color to spell out the "Will you marry me in the snow?"

Wedding proposals need not be grand or expensive. They don't have flashy and store-bought materials. There are no right or wedding proposals, just eco-conscious and Earth-friendly ones. Utilizing what you have in homes such as the areas of the house or the supplies are enough as props to an intimate marriage proposal.

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