Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Finding an Eco-Friendly Office Space for Rent in the Philippines

In establishing and projecting a professional image, a professional environment is required more so for frequent meetings with prospective clients. Regrettably, there are pitfalls to finding and renting office spaces that you should avoid as much as possible. Consider the following factors when choosing eco-friendly office space for rent Philippines.

Logically, finding the most appropriate office space is not without difficulties. What more if your office is an active figure in the green movement? There are not as many choices when it comes to finding environmentally-friendly offices. Here’s a simple SPACE test to guide you in the finding the right office.

S – Savings

Savings on the rental costs is possible. For instance, you may start by negotiating the upfront deposit especially if you are going to pay a year’s lease in advance. You can save further by opting for office spaces with ready-to-work workstations equipped with the required furnishing and equipment. The best office space is the one that takes care of the maintenance services.

Nonetheless, you can save more if the office rental business prioritizes energy-efficient systems. For example, there are not many elevators in the office building since it promotes the use of stairs. Some eco-friendly office has stairs logistically facing the open spaces or overlooking greeneries.

P – Productivity

Traditional offices help in bolstering staff’s motivation, drive and productivity. Telecommute is an ideal way to save on overhead costs. However, if you prefer to have your staff in-house, then might as well choose an office that can contribute greatly to the staff productivity.

Anyhow, working in a green office and environment alone can boost the productivity levels of the staff. A research showed that employees working in an eco-friendly company are 16% more productive than those working in a conventional firm.   

A – Address

Office address in locations like Makati establishes prestige. However, setting up the corporate office in this location may be cost-prohibitive. Alternatively, you can choose cheaper locations but bring the same level of prestige. Just make sure that the location is still accessible to your prospects and clients, so they too can shrink their carbon footprint. On the other hand, make sure that the services that your business needs and will need in the future are also close to your location.

A great example is Evotech in Nuvali Laguna. Nuvali is an eco-community with mixed-use purposes. Laguna is known for its techno-parks and Evotech is not an exemption. Thus, Evotech is an ideal place for business process outsourcing and information technology/information technology-enabled services (IT/ITES) companies.

C – Clauses

Office rental businesses have their respective stipulations. As always, when renting, read the fine print before signing the lease contract. Make sure that you understand each and every clause in the contract.
Going back to the previous example, Nuvali, specifically Lakeside Evozone, is a PEZA zone. PEZA stands for Philippine Economic Zone Authority. There are certain design restrictions that must be followed diligently if you want to be eligible for tax exemptions. Yes, that’s more savings for you!

E – Expansion

In the future, you might need to expand the office space. Determine if this is allowed or not. Make sure that there are provisions for expansion otherwise you might need to transfer to a new location. Oppositely, if you need to downsize, make sure that the office rental management allows sub-leasing the excess spaces.

Renting an eco-friendly office space not only raises your business profile. Instead, it lets other stakeholders know of your business advocacies early on. It highlights the fact that you mean business and yet without causing too much strain on Mother Earth. Nonetheless, it should be a genuine commitment on your part; not just for show off!

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