Monday, November 24, 2014

Understanding the Garden Home Concept

Do you know what a garden home is? Have you seen some garden homes in Laguna? Perhaps, you have seen one, but you have no idea that it is actually called as such. The concept of garden homes is quickly creeping into the local real estate industry. And why not? A tropical country, the Philippines is a suitable place to develop garden homes.

Origin of the garden home concept

‘Garden home’ is another term for patio home, an American classification of a housing type. The term has a suburban setting with shared landscaped features (in exchange of a monthly association fee for maintenance). The typical target market is those people who want to slash garden maintenance cost in their monthly household expenses.

Originally, patio homes are small in terms of lot area, replacing the backyard as patio. These homes can be constructed in rows with or without shared walls.

Garden home concept in the Philippines

The garden homes, as we know, has almost the same concept as patio homes. However, instead of the backyard, homeowners are sharing their front yards and the rest of the gated community, for instance. They also share common facilities including in-village parks, pocket gardens, sidewalks, etc. The homeowners are also paying a monthly maintenance fee for such.  

Also, garden home homeowners can still have their backyard that they can style and maintain by themselves. That’s because ownership is not limited to specific lot area. House structures are usually detached. There is also an ample provision of area for backyard gardening.

Benefits of living in a garden home community

Everyone wants to own a home. However, not every one of us realizes the benefit of owning a garden home. To live in a place close to nature is very different from living in a place that makes full use of the available spaces and convert them into nature-like facilities.

Essentially, it is ecologically healthy. Living in a community that allows its owners to commune with nature provides instant access to clean and fresh air and water. In fact, garden home communities promote healthy outdoor living.

There will be relaxing views everywhere when you go outside. Walking around the neighborhood will never a worrisome activity especially when you have your kids with you. This means you get to enjoy the indoors as well as the outdoors, that is, to immerse oneself with the natural wonders around him.

Most probably, this is the very reason property developers choose to construct garden homes that are within the natural setting. Homeowners can thereby maximize their natural surroundings at their disposal. Such a new living concept that does not degrade the homeowners of the conveniences while savoring the serenity of living closer to nature.

In the Philippines, there are wide options for gated communities. These communities offer the would-be homeowners the opportunity of enjoying the indoors and outdoors whether it’d be looking out the window, taking a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood or even jogging at night. Good thing, these developments are either in-city or near-city.  

Further, there are communities within a community wherein the goal is to cultivate community integration and build people-friendly structures that endow dwellers with a neighborhood that is full of interactions regardless of the lifestyles of the community members. The sub-communities are specifically built with providing a heightened sense of well-being in mind through the green spaces.

With all these, the concept of garden homes is one concept that is not very difficult to embrace. Nowadays, everyone’s into eco-living. This is one reason the concept is well-accepted in the Philippines. Again, why not? If it encourages vibrancy, diversity and a healthier living option for the Filipinos, then let’s embrace the concept tighter. 

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