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4 Most Common Eco-Friendly Wedding Themes

Sometimes, it is easier to choose a provider of catering in Manila, reception venue and wedding date than choosing your wedding theme. Don’t get me wrong, but the choices of wedding themes are endless. This cannot be said, however, when it comes to eco-friendly weddings. Forget about the headaches – here comes some of the most common green wedding themes.

1) Rustic

Rustic weddings tend to be very sentimental. These weddings are usually heartwarming, sweet and diverse. Rustic weddings are filled with character from textures to patterns to other intricate details. One common aspect of this wedding theme is natural organics such as twigs, dried leaves, barks and trees. There are also handmade wooden materials as well as lace, linen, plaid, burlap, checks and wool.

Some say that rustic weddings are not a trend or fad, but a style that every couple can pull off. Shabby chic is the most common yet less dominant theme.

2) Vintage

Vintage weddings are like out-of-this-modern-world wedding. These weddings take inspiration from the past century from the Victorian era to the 70’s and 80’s. The style depends on which era you choose. For instance, if you opt for a funky and retro style wedding of the 1950’s, make sure you have rock and roll, big skirts, ginger beers, lemonades, alcopops and of course, an Audrey Hepburn-inspired wedding gown.

These weddings are also nostalgic. Tulles and full skirts are frequently used. Candlesticks, tea cups and candelabras and bunting are also commonly used as d├ęcors. With all these, making a wedding more vintage is a matter of personal preferences.

Vintage weddings tend to be very glamorous and sophisticated that’s why some people mistaken vintage wedding as an expensive wedding. This is not always the case. In fact, there are many choices of vintage wedding at a fraction of the price. For these weddings, the flea markets are surely a go-to place.

3) Beach

Beach weddings are straightforward. Nonetheless, a beach wedding needs not be conducted on the shores. Anywhere in the resort property is okay. Beach weddings are for couples who do not want as much fuss and special issues that go with wedding preparations.

Beach weddings can be whimsical or goofy if you want. It can be also large or small and romantic. Beach weddings can be extremely private with just a few of your family and friends. Beach weddings are perfect for those couples who are looking to cut back on spending.

4) Garden

Garden weddings are typically held outdoors and on flower gardens. Like beach weddings, the goal is emphasizing the great outdoor setting, taking advantage of the sun, wind and anything natural and the particular playfulness that comes with them. Garden weddings are very versatile as well since they can be thrifty or opulent.

Garden weddings can be anywhere that the couples choose which may include a nicely groomed backyard. The premise is that the setting itself becomes the picturesque backdrop of the wedding. The trees, the flower, the grass… everything!

What is good about these wedding themes is the opportunity of combining any of the two to come up with your dream wedding theme. For instance, you can have a garden rustic style shabby chic wedding. Bear in mind that weddings are highly subjective and personalized which means you can integrate as many relevant and related elements if you want.

No matter which environmentally-friendly wedding theme you choose, don’t forget to reflect your personalities. Your wedding should be an extension of who you truly are. After all, a wedding is all about the two of you who are tying the knot to become one. With this, your wedding will surely be remembered!

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  1. Yeah I agree that backyard can be a fine and most affordable venue for wedding. We just need to decorate it with flowers and some other accessories. I am celebrating my wedding reception in my lawn but I have hired a decorator to decorate it beautifully.


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