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Choices for Environmentally-Friendly Wedding Venues

The average wedding in the Philippines costs ₱100,000 which covers church, venue, attire, invitation, photo and video coverage, cake and catering service in Manila or anywhere you want. The biggest portion of the budget must be devoted to the food and skimp on other elements such as the venue. This doesn’t mean that you cannot have the best venue for your event though. Here are some of the cheapest yet the most environmentally-friendly wedding venues.


Parks are great for outdoor weddings. Some parks even have gazebos, mini fountains and ponds perfect for picture-taking. Simply, parks provide the most breathtaking backdrop for any wedding minus the high price. We have 35 national parks in the Philippines. Authorities having jurisdiction over these properties may have specific permit requirements. Get in touch with the local authority regarding such.


Public beaches are also cheap alternatives for beach weddings. These beaches have the basic facilities such as decks, halls and gardens where the reception can be held. There are also small family-owned beaches in the southern part of Manila that you may consider. Government-operated beaches also require permits. Stringent rules also apply.


Universities in the Philippines have conference rooms, chapels, lagoons, gardens, fields, etc. for both the ceremony and reception. These areas can accommodate as many as 150 guests. These can be rented out for a minimal fee.


In the Philippines, there are at least 7 major public libraries, 5 privately-owned libraries open to the public and 38 community libraries. Most of these libraries have meeting rooms and canteens or cafeteria where ceremony and reception can be held, respectively. Some libraries require a fee, but some are free, but you need to write them a letter of request or secure permits from the local government unit.


If your backyard is expansive enough to accommodate up to 100 guests, then why go anywhere else? You can have your wedding at your backyard. If you don’t have that kind of backyard, you can ask one of your friends if you can use his or her backyard for your wedding. Offer him or her a rental fee although he or she might probably decline. Hey, just helping you out on your big day may mean a lot to your friend.

Historic sites

Historic sites are also ideal wedding venues. The Philippines boasts of at least 28 historic sites where weddings can be held including Paco Park Garden. Also, some churches near these historic sites are regarded as world heritage sites such as San Agustin Church in Manila.


Restaurants are perfect for smaller wedding. More and more eco-friendly restaurants are sprouting like mushrooms in Manila and Quezon City including Earth Kitchen, Corner Tree Café, Le Bistro Vert, Likha Diwa sa Gulod, Pipino, Quantum Café and Rawvolution. Some of these restaurants have banquet rooms where you can held the wedding privately. The best part? You can treat your guests to earth-friendly menu.


Most museums here in our country have ornate woodworks, decorative chandeliers, high ceilings and other important décors that can add uniqueness to your wedding. There are 28 national museums in the Philippines. Also, in Metro Manila alone, there are 42 museums and art galleries to choose from.

Botanical gardens

Botanical gardens are suitable for both indoor and outdoor weddings. Not because they are called gardens they won’t have any facility fit for a wedding. There are 9 recorded botanical gardens locally, two of which are found in Manila and another two in Quezon City.

Choosing a wedding venue should be easy, that is, if you know what to look for. The places noted above are just some suggestions. Of course, you can always decide to wed anywhere you want as long as the place is spacious enough to accommodate the number of your guests. Some of these wedding venues may be free, but for most of them, you need to pay less than ₱10,000 for the use of the venue and its facilities. Anyhow, you can save on the décors since these venues offer the most natural and ‘free’ decorations. How’s that for an eco-friendly wedding?


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