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3 Famous Bike Trails Near Manila

Mountain biking Philippines is common nowadays especially during weekends. Unsurprisingly, bike trails within the metro started to sprout. Within the metro, La Mesa Nature Reserve and UP Diliman are among the bikers’ favorites. However, if you been riding for a while and looking for more challenging trails and yet you don’t want to go far, then biking near Manila is the next best thing. Here are some of the famous bike trails just a few pedals away from the metropolis.

1) Timberland in San Mateo, Rizal

Timberland has SWIMBA-type bike trails. Some bikers call it the Maarat trail which was categorized into Timberland Basic, Timberland Blue, Timberland Green and Pestano. Of the four, Blue is the most famous. Timberland Blue is not the easiest trail to ride because of its flows, techs and bamboo bridges. For more experienced bikers, you can try the Wall, Antenna and Patiis trails. Biking up the Wall is a brutally fun ride, climbing up about 2 kilometers until you reach Timberland Clubhouse. 

Going there is easy. Turn to Commonwealth Avenue. Along the avenue are signs instructing you on how to go to Timberland Heights. Upon reaching the Sandiganbayan building, turn right. Turn right once more upon reaching Batasan. Go straight ahead to Timberland Heights.

2) Marilaque

Marilaque stands for Manila, Rizal, Laguna and Quezon. This expansive track is for those bikers who are itching to put on the miles. The best part is, after passing through Cogeo in lower Antipolo, you will enjoy the scenery especially from Boso-Boso to Tanay to Laguna.

There are many trails along the way a biker may get confused as to which one to take. Nonetheless, the best one is Sta. Ines. Part of Sta. Ines is in Antipolo, and another part is in Tanay. If you are riding from Antipolo, you need to ride along Marcos Highway and then, turn left at Sta. Ines Road. If you are coming from Tanay, you may bike along Boso-Boso Road and just turn right at Sta. Ines Road.

The trail ends at a waterfall. It will take about 20 kilometers from the main road to the falls. Along the way, you will need to cross shallow watercourses at least twelve times before you get there. Don’t ride if heavy rains are expected as flashfloods may occur.

3) Nuvali in Sta. Rosa, Laguna

Nuvali is a mixed-used development just 1 to 1.5 hours away from Metro Manila. Nuvali offers off-road and leisure biking. The first one is a 50-kilometer course intended for the pro. Nonetheless, for the beginners who enjoy the scenic view while biking, the second one is more appropriate. The leisure bike trail is only 30 kilometers in length.

Nuvali encourages bikers to bring their own bike especially for off-road biking. However, gears and bikes are available for rent (Php60/hour) within the premises. Leisure bikers will pass along the other attractions at Nuvali such as a man-made lake where you can feed kois and the sanctuary where you can do bird watching. You will also see lush greeneries and feel the cool air on your face while biking.

The environment is biker-friendly, and the trails are 100% newbie-friendly. You can go solo although bike tours can be arranged at the Fields Clubhouse. Registration is required at the Clubhouse.  

If you are seriously into mountain biking, why don’t you join local bikers’ groups. These groups organize both formal and informal rides. Some groups require a small membership fee, but that’s all worth it because you get to ride in different places within and outside Metro Manila. Anyhow, if you frequent Heroes Trail (Taguig), La Mesa, UP Diliman and Camp Aguinaldo trails, the three trails mentioned above will surely give you a boost to ride outside the metro.

Image credit: MTBR.com | BeyondOutdoorAdventures.com

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