Monday, September 15, 2014

And the Green Wedding of the Year Awards Goes to... Brangelina!

We can only envy Angie since she didn’t stress herself out in preparing her wedding. Unlike most of the brides-to-be here in the Philippines, we think A LOT whether to hire a catering service in Manila or a catering Alabang; whether to have the wedding rites at Our Lady of Remedies, San Agustin Church or Binondo Church; whether to have the reception at Palaciode Maynila, Kaisa Heritage Center or The Atrium at Bulwagang Recoletos and more.

Leave it to Brangelina (Brad Pitt + Angelina Jolie) for having such a small yet ‘grand’ wedding! Well, it is not the Hollywood ‘grand’ that we are talking about with A-listers on the guest list, but just the grandness of how everything was put together. Indeed, it deserves the ‘Green Wedding of the Year Award’ if there is such a thing. Everyone’s talking about it soon after everyone learned the two are dating, but the wedding is not your traditional wedding. In fact, it will never be ordinary. Below are the details.

The flowers

There were no floral arrangements although there were pink oleander bloom petals which the flower girls threw in just before Angie walk down the aisle.

Angelina carried an informal bouquet made from wild flowers freshly picked out of the garden. Her bouquet includes sweetly scented white valerian. The bouquet also has oleander leaves.

The gown

Created by Luigi Massi of Atelier Versace, Angie has a very distinctive concept in her mind. She wanted her wedding gown to be a reflection of her family that she had already built with Brad long before their special day. The hand-designed antique lace and silk gown and veil became a huge canvas that showcased the creativity of her kids. Pictures of zebras, drum kits and Eiffel tower were featured on the gown.

Her something borrowed was a small gold locket with her mom’s pic on it.

As for Brad, he wore a suit straight from his closet. Yes, it is not even new. He also borrowed a tie from one of his sons since he forgot to pack one for him.

As for the kids, the four boys donned cream linen black suits. Shiloh wore shorts and a hat. Zahara wore an Adama Kebe-designed outfit while Vivienne wore a little white dress she has been seen on a couple of times before the wedding day.

The party

The bridal party is rather small. Their eldest sons Maddox and Pax walked with Angeline side-by-side down the aisle. Zahara and Vivienne were the flower girls. Knox and Shiloh were the ring bearers. If you are asking, yes, it happened. One of the ring bearers accidentally dropped the wedding ring on the floor.

The ring

Jeweler Robert Procop, who designed the couple’s engagement ring, also designed the wedding bands. The 16-carat emerald-cut diamond ring worth $500,000 was created based on Brad’s designs with distinctive facets and elongated shapes complete with a galaxy of smaller graduated stones.

A long-time friend and collaborator, Procop only sources his gold, platinum and gemstones from conflict-free areas specifically from Kimberley Process Certification Scheme-compliant countries.

It took one year to finish the ring. The media dubbed the ring as the diamond ring that launched a thousand tabloid covers!

The church

Angie and Brad wed at a chapel at Chateau Miraval, an eco-friendly estate owned by the couple found in an ancient village in Correns, France. Correns is regarded as the very first organic village in the country.

Angie entered the chapel to the tune of Brad and their children’s and the guests humming of ‘Here Comes the Bride.’ The wedding march was played on the newlywed’s way out.

The vows

Their six children helped in writing their respective wedding vows. They enlisted their help to ensure that all the words are extra special and personal.

The reception

The 1,000-acre estate features a lake, lush forestry, olive trees and vineyards. It is also equipped with an indoor pool, gyms and a spa. This is the same house where Brad proposed to Angelina in March 2012.

The food

There were only a total of 23 people present at the ├╝ber-intimate wedding. Angie had her actor brother, James Haven and the rest were from Brad’s side. The guests were served with home-cooked meals. The delicious menu used only the freshest, locally-grown ingredients such as sea bass. They drank wine prepared at Brad’s personal vineyard.

The cake

Pax baked the wedding cake with the help of some of his friends. It was baked on the premise itself.

Brangelina decided to tie the knot in what we call a categorically understated, super relaxed ceremony. This is not what everybody expects, but it only shows how committed the two to their advocacies. To sum it up: The global eco-village community will never forget August 23!

Source: Ecouterre | Glamour Magazine UK | US Magazine Weekly | Global Cool

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